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libpaps.h File Reference

Interface for converting pango layouts into postscript. More...

#include <glib.h>
#include <pango/pango.h>
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typedef void paps_t


void paps_free (paps_t *paps)
PangoContext * paps_get_pango_context ()
gchar * paps_get_postscript_header_strdup (paps_t *paps)
gchar * paps_layout_line_to_postscript_strdup (paps_t *paps, double pos_x, double pos_y, PangoLayoutLine *layout_line)
gchar * paps_layout_to_postscript_strdup (paps_t *paps, double pos_x, double pos_y, PangoLayout *layout)
paps_tpaps_new ()
double paps_postscript_points_to_pango (double points)
void paps_set_scale (paps_t *paps, gdouble scale_x, gdouble scale_y)

Detailed Description

Interface for converting pango layouts into postscript.

The library is used by first creating a paps object through paps_new(). The paps object is then used to generate PostScript for one or more pango layouts through paps_layout_to_postscript_strdup() or paps_layout_line_to_postscript_strdup(). Once all the layouts have been processed, the system may generate the PostScript header through paps_get_postscript_header_strdup(). It is the responsibility of the caller to place the PostScript header in front of the renderings of the pango layouts.

The PostScript of the rendered layouts is relocatable in all sense so any postscript operators may be used to change their colors, transformations etc.

Definition in file libpaps.h.

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