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gchar* paps_get_postscript_header_strdup ( paps_t paps )

paps_get_postscript_header_strdup() returns the header and the font definitions related to the glyphs being used. This routine must only be called after the processing of all the strings is over.

papsPaps object
A newly allocated string containing the postscript prologue needed for the postscript strings created by libpaps.

Definition at line 110 of file libpaps.c.

    paps_private_t *paps = (paps_private_t*)paps_;

    /* Add end of header string, create a strdup, and then erase the
       end of line. */
    int old_len = paps->header->len;
    gchar *ret_str;
                     "end end\n"
    ret_str = g_strdup(paps->header->str);
    g_string_truncate(paps->header, old_len);

    return ret_str;

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