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gchar* paps_get_postscript_header_strdup ( paps_t paps  ) 

paps_get_postscript_header_strdup() returns the header and the font definitions related to the glyphs being used. This routine must only be called after the processing of all the strings is over.

paps Paps object
A newly allocated string containing the postscript prologue needed for the postscript strings created by libpaps.

Definition at line 110 of file libpaps.c.

    paps_private_t *paps = (paps_private_t*)paps_;

    /* Add end of header string, create a strdup, and then erase the
       end of line. */
    int old_len = paps->header->len;
    gchar *ret_str;
                     "end end\n"
    ret_str = g_strdup(paps->header->str);
    g_string_truncate(paps->header, old_len);

    return ret_str;

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